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Why Choose Us?

We allocate to your vacancy a highly trained Senior Consultant and Resource team meaning we do the job of multiple agencies with one single point of contact.

We use a structured and proven 20 step method for sourcing and delivering candidates meaning you get access to the best talent on the market, not just the most visible.

Two Stage Interviewing process and 360° Referencing is carried out meaning you only get relevant CV’s with verified skills and experience

We offer consultancy services including Progress Reports, Interview Reports, After Placement Service, Onsite Meetings and Market/Salary Benchmarking. This means that we work with you as a consultative business partner.


The need for a contractor can be the result of a fluctuation in project demand, a specialist skill set being required, or to bridge a gap whilst a permanent solution is sourced.

We have the capability to introduce, appoint and manage any contract requirements, including all associated back office administration. All contract workers that we introduce will be working through either their own Limited company or an Umbrella company and we ensure they provide us with valid certificates of incorporation, proof of ID and insurance documents etc. This gives our clients peace of mind.


We carry out a full and comprehensive search of the market to fulfil an assignment brief.

Our search focuses on passive talent (but includes active where appropriate) and incorporates all aspects of candidate resourcing including networking, competitor mapping, social media platforms, database search and carefully selected targeted advertising. Our search methods are structured and proven, and we work closely as a consultative business partner with our clients throughout the whole process.

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