2017 Technology Salary Survey

To kick off the new look Buckleigh & Williams blog, we have completed our twelve week research project!

With the new financial year upon us and having spoken to over 500 professionals since the turn of the year, I have finished the 2017 Technology Salary Survey. Whilst this is usually reserved for clients I wanted to give value to as many people as possible.

This is a comprehensive report related to the average salary received by employees within the UK Technology Sector.  This relates to Retail, E-Commerce, Commercial Software, Gaming, Digital Agencies amongst others, covering a range of disciplines. I have had great feedback from candidates securing increases in salary using last year’s document and my clients often comment on how it improves their on boarding process. Hopefully you will get some value out of it too.

Remember, following my yearly customer feedback programme, I now include a full 12 month guarantee for any candidate we place with our clients.  No other companies offer this, i checked.  If you require any further information, or want to discuss the needs of your business please ask for me on 0161 710 22 77.

Click to view 2017 Technology Salary Survey.

To your success in 2017/2018

Joshua Reeves – Director



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